About Us


Education of the society on the early diagnosis is the most important stage in the fight against breast cancer. It is believed that the women, not the doctors, will beat breast cancer in the 21st century. However, it is believed that this struggle will be successful with the unity of women. Hence, thanks to the non-governmental organizations that they have formed by coming together: It is believed that the health policies of governments can be affected, and the media can be used to focus on this issue.


Breast Cancer Foundation of Turkey was founded on the 24th day of November 1998 according to the Turkish Civil Code, sub-division no 903 with serial number 1998/571E, 1998/433. The Foundation’s incorporation had also been established with registry no 421533-369115 of The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. The organization has twelve members on the Board of Trustees, five on the Executive Committee.


The organization has already commenced evident target-based activity as of May 2000 together with the diagnostic center. Success in repetitive media coverage has brought the foundation clearly into public view with the beginning of the year 2002.


  • To increase public awareness and consciousness about breast cancer in Turkey,
  • To spread and promote early diagnosis opportunities,
  • To increase mammography quality standards to European Union norms and standards



  • To raise public awareness and provide information about breast cancer and early detection
  • To extend and provide early detection opportunities
  • To promote and provide social support for patients
  • To provide trainings for health personnel


Major Activities

  • Awareness activities
  • Free / low-cost breast cancer screening
  • Education / Trainings
  • International collaborations
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Publications